​Does the Gres Cacao Really Work?

Yes. It works very well and has a 99% success rate. The remaining 1% is due to lack of consistency and not following directions given. We have never had a customer complain that the product does not work. The worst complaint we get (although uncommon) from a few people is that the product took longer than they expected.

Are Your Products Really Natural?​

Yes, they are natural and any products that are not are specified in the description.

Do You Accept Returns?

We do not accept returns because everything we sell is natural and perishable. Our products cannot be resold. Therefore we cannot allow any returns or refunds.​

Do You Have Reviews of Before and After Pictures or Written Reviews for Your Products?

Yes. Our reviews can be found on our Instagram page and stories

How Do You Use This Product?

All of our products come with directions.

​Do I Need to be Circumcised to Use Gres Cacao?

No, you do not need to be circumcised.

Is This Product Safe?​

​Yes, its 100% natural. Please be aware it does contain cocoa nuts, you may have an allergic reaction.

Where is Gres Cacao/ Gres Koulev From?


​Do You Ship International?

​Yes, there is a flat rate fee of $25. We do not guarantee delivery times due to each country's mail delivery times may vary.

All all addresses given when placing the order must be correct and sufficient address. If your address is incomplete, you will be required to pay for reshipment. Please be sure to include your apartment number if applicable.

Estimated Processing Times?

Payment takes up to 3 business days to clear. 1-3 business days item manufacture/processing time frame.

Tracked delivery time frame from order date day after tracking will be mailed to you.

Shipping usually takes 3-7 business days.

We are not responsible for the post office's mistake, such as missed deliveries. If your package states deliver to your home, either mail box or porch, that is where our company will deliver.​

​Once we ship, tracking of your package (shipping and delivery) responsibility becomes the customer's and the couriers. We do not replace lost items and we are not responsible for lost items. We will not bear any costs for lost items. Once the purchase has been made be aware of these conditions. If you need to track your package, you must contact the courier responsible and provide your tracking number to locate your item.

All sales are final on all products!

Once you click to make your payment, your have agreed to these terms of sale.

What Kind of Payment Do You Accept?

​Credit or debit cards. But we will also work with you if you don’t have  the payment option giving, contact us if you want to pay via cash-app or Zelle.

Do you accept reviews?

Yes, we love to hear from you please send your feedback via email, Instagram @royalluxs and subscribe to our YouTube channel and get better understanding on our products