Gres Cacao Plus Pump Combo
Haitian Penis Growth Ointment Plus Pump Combo
Royal Luxs

Gres Cacao - This is ancient secret to African and West Indian men for many generations to give them the girth length they need. This formula is formulated with four oils from Africa and Haiti. that works effectively  and efficiently , expect to  see result within two weeks of consistent usage... We give you a one page direction on how exactly you use this product to effectively gain  result you need fast, we are serious of our product and proud of it.  

Classix Power Pump - A traditional enhancer pump with an extra user-friendly design that's ideal for beginners. The pump itself is classically designed, with a clear cylinder, soft rubber sleeve for comfort and air-tightness and a medical style pump bulb with safety release valve on the side of the cylinder. Once you're completely inside the 7.5 inch tube, just put a finger over the air valve, squeeze the bulb to start up the suction, and watch yourself grow. When you're done, just take your finger off the valve at the side, and the suction will release. Use a good water based lube if needed.

  • Measurements: 7.5" long and 2.15" internal diameter
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Black / Clear

Package comes with ointment, pump and directional sheet. Also check out our package called Intimate package that include all natural products to make your love life worth while and exciting.
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